Top 12 places with lots of capsule toys and gacha gacha -Tokyo edition-


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Nowadays, Gacha Gacha machines are installed inside stations and in front of convenience stores, but many of you may have had the experience of looking at them with enthusiasm and not seeing the product you were looking for in the lineup.

Stores that are simply set up tend to have a lot of products from major manufacturers, and if you are looking for products from small and medium-sized manufacturers, you often have to go to a store specializing in gacha-gacha or other stores to get them. there is.

So, this time, in order to “increase the probability of finding the product you are looking for” we looked into places in Tokyo where there are a lot of capsule toys and gacha-gacha machines, and looked into the top 12 in terms of the number of capsule toys and gacha-gacha machines installed per store based on the official information of each store. 

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*This data is based on official information as of February 2024, so it may differ from the actual situation.

Let’s take a look!

1st place Gashapon department store Ikebukuro main store approximately 3,000 units

The first place goes to Gashapon department store Ikebukuro main store located in Sunshine City, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima Ward .

This is one of the world’s largest stores operated by Bandai Namco Amusement , and was recognized by the Guinness World Records shortly after opening in 2021 .

When I go to Ikebukuro, I always visit the store, and when I first visited, I was stunned by the depth and breadth of the store.

I remember buying more eco-bag type products because I got too excited and turned them too much and couldn’t hold the capsules.

Also, since it is a store operated by Bandai, it naturally carries a wide range of Bandai products , as well as many products from other manufacturers, and it is easy to find products by categorizing new releases and genres.

It is truly a gacha gacha theme park, full of features that you can enjoy without having to buy products, such as large gacha gacha machines and displays of products from past gacha gacha booms .

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2nd place #C-pla Shibuya Center Street store 1,706 units

2nd place goes to #C-pla Shibuya Center Gai store located in Utagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku .

This is a store developed by Toshin Co., Ltd. that opened in April 2023, and has jumped to second place in terms of installed machines, surpassing many major large stores .

Perhaps because Mr. Toshin’s main business is operating amusement stores, his store development is characterized by a strong sense of concept , from the interior design that follows the theme determined by each store to the coloring of the Gacha Gacha machines .

By the way, #C-pla has 3 stores near Shibuya Station, including this one, and the total number of cars in the 3 stores was 2746.

In addition, #C-pla is currently expanding its store network nationwide, and it is important to pay attention to whether there will be any store expansions that will change the ranking in the future.

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3rd place Gashapon department store BIGFUN Heiwajima store 1,700 units

3rd place goes to the Gashapon department store BIGFUN Heiwajima store located in BIGFUN Heiwajima, Heiwajima, Ota Ward .

This store just opened in October 2023, and is the second largest Gashapon department store in Tokyo .

At the same time, Bandai’s official shop with about 300 Gashapon machines opened, bringing the total to 2,000 machines, quickly becoming one of the leading Gacha Gacha spots in Tokyo.

Ota Ward is also home to Haneda Airport, which is famous as a Gacha Gacha spot mainly for inbound tourists, so it can be said that the area is expected to become even more exciting in the future.

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4th place Gashapon department store Tachikawa Takashimaya SC store 1,610 units

4th place goes to the Gashapon department store Tachikawa Takashimaya SC store located in Tachikawa Takashimaya, Akebono-cho, Tachikawa City .

This is the newest store, opening in December 2023, making it the largest store in Tokyo .

Like the third place BIGFAN Heiwajima store, the Gashapon Bandai official shop opened at the same time, so there will be a total of 2,000 units installed here as well.

Furthermore, there is a department store with 800 Gashapon machines in LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi, which is two stations away on the Tama Urban Monorail , so although the area is a little wider, it can be said that the number of Gashapon machines is comparable to Shibuya.

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5th place Gachagacha no Mori Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alta store 1,240 units

5th place goes to Gachagacha no Mori Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alta store located in Sunshine City, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima Ward .

Gachagacha no Mori is a store operated by Luluark Co., Ltd., and this store opened in March 2020.

Considering that the top two stores opened later, I think that this one probably had the largest number of installed machines in Japan when it opened.

Gacha Gacha Forest has the impression that there are many products from manufacturers such as Toys Spirits and J Dream who are small but produce original and interesting products , and even among the many large stores, there are many products like this. Highly recommended when looking for products.

In addition, considering that the number 1 Gashapon department store located in the same Ikebukuro Sunshine City has a total of 4,200 machines, and there are also machines installed in other stores, there are an incredible number of Gashapon machines in Sunshine City. I understand this.

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6th place Gachagacha no Mori Harajuku Alta store 1,220 units 

6th place goes to Gachagacha no Mori Harajuku Alta store located in Harajuku Alta, Jingumae, Shibuya Ward .

This is Gachagacha no Mori’s first store in Tokyo, which opened in February 2019, and was renovated at the same location in February 2022, reaching its current number.

Gachagacha no Mori wants to spread the appeal of capsule toys and Gachagacha, so we have positioned this store in Harajuku, the epicenter of the trend, as our flagship store.

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7th place Gachagacha no Mori Shinjuku Subnade store 1,050 units

7th place goes to Gachagacha no Mori Shinjuku Subnade store located in Shinjuku Subnade in Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward .

This store just opened in March 2023, but before that it operated as a pop-up store in the same location.

Looking at it this way, Gachagacha no Mori has three stores with 1,000 machines each in the so-called sub-city center line , and in total there is not much difference in the number of machines compared to Gashapon’s department store Ikebukuro main store. I can only feel the difference in store development.

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8th place Gashapon department store ABAB UENO store 1,000 units

8th place goes to the ABAB UENO Gashapon department store located in ABAB UENO, Ueno, Taito Ward .

This is a store that opened in April 2022 and expanded its floor space in February 2023 to reach the current number of stores, and has been operating in Tokyo until the opening of the 3rd place BIGFUN Heiwajima store and the 4th place Tachikawa Takashimaya SC store. It was the store with the second-highest number of Gashapon machines, following the Ikebukuro main store, which ranked first .

The “Gasha-dori Spot” is a photo spot where you can take pictures of Gasha-gacha products, which are familiar to Gashapon department stores, and there is also a background associated with Ueno, so you can take photos that can only be taken here.

8th place (tie) #C-pla+ (Plus) Harajuku Takeshita Street store approximately 1,000 units

#C-pla+ (Plus) Harajuku Takeshita Street store in Jingumae, Shibuya Ward is tied for 8th place .

It is located one station next to #2 #C-pla Shibuya Center Gai store and opened in July 2022.

This store is a new store with a “+” in the store name. Under the theme of “Fusion of Digital and Capsule Toys,” the store is a photo spot  where you can take photos with your favorite background using a digital screen. New attempts can be seen, such as having a “c-pit ” .

Also, like the Shibuya Center Gai store, it is unique in that it is a street-level store despite being located in the city center.

8th place (tie) #C-pla Seiseki Sakuragaoka OPA store approximately 1,000 units

In 8th place with the same percentage is #C-pla Seiseki Sakuragaoka OPA store located in Seiseki Sakuragaoka OPA in Sekido, Tama City .

The theme of the store is morning glories, and you can see brightly colored illustrations inside the store.

11th place Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Approximately 850 units

11th place goes to Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba in Kanda Hanaokacho, Chiyoda Ward .

Our store boasts the largest number of Gacha Gacha machines in Akihabara, and the Gacha Gacha machines are mainly installed on the 6th floor of the building and near the outside entrance.

Akihabara, also known as the “holy land of Gacha Gacha”, is home to many famous stores such as the Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan (with 500 machines) , which represents the Gacha Gacha culture.

12th place Gachagacha no Mori Hachioji Opa store 830 units

12th place goes to Gachagacha no Mori Hachioji Opa store located inside Hachioji Opa in Asahicho, Hachioji City .

The opening in September 2022 will be around the same time as the 6th place #C-pla Seiseki Sakuragaoka OPA store, and you can see that the number of Gacha Gacha machines in Tokyo suddenly increased at this time.


This time, where in Tokyo are there a lot of capsule toys and gacha gacha? So, I looked into the top 12 units in number per store .

As mentioned previously, there are many stores with 500 to 800 machines in the vicinity of the top 12 stores and other areas, and within Sunshine City, it feels unique, like Nanja Town, which only collects retro products. It’s fun to look around at various stores, as there are many , but if you go to one of the stores listed above , you’ll have a much better chance of finding the product you’re looking for because they have a large number of products.

Additionally, all of the top 12 stores opened in 2019 or later, which, although unintentional, gave a sense of the excitement and future potential of the industry .

Furthermore, we can see that the target age group is expanding, so if you’re thinking,“ I haven’t been paying attention to this before, but now I’m a little concerned” please give it a try.

Well then, thank you for reading this far.